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The 14 Day Challenge is heating up and we have our first couple challenge here on the Chuzi App. It’s Ashu and Ravi trying to hold fort and we have the Duet Bro getting their A game to reach the top of the Chuzi Creator Leaderboard.

Ashu and Ravi are proud of their humble roots and are dedicated towards making everyone in their family proud by gaining fame in the world of dance performances with their performances. Read more about Ashu and Ravi here. 

The Duet Bros, Vijay and Chetan, are twin brothers from Malegaon and the newest kids on the block.  They are looking out to create a name for themselves in the world of dance performers in India. The challenge is now live – and you can help your favorite dance performers to reach the top of the Star Leaderboard – how? It’s easy. All you need to do is vote for your favorite performer  and make them rise on the leaderboards. Read more about them here. 

The 14 Day Dance Challenge is Now Live on the Chuzi App. Fire up your app and vote!