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It’s getting more exciting over here at the Chuzi headquarters, with the Pioneers giving their best in the challenge videos that they are throwing at each other. We have the ever-famous Axi throwing a challenge to Sumit, and we have some of the hottest dance moves up for all to see in the video.

Axi has been around in the dance fraternity for the past eleven years. He’s an integral part of the V Company. Sumit has been performing on stage since 2015. He is credited by introducing the Litefeet in Western Coast of India.  Sumit got his inspiration from the King of Pop, click here to read more about him.

And on the other side of the challenge is Axi, who started his dance journey 11 years ago and has performed as a group dancer as well as a solo dancer. To know more about him, click on this link.

It’s your chance to bring your favorite dancer to the top of the leaderboard – and you don’t need to step out of your house to do that – all you need to do is download the Chuzi app and start voting!