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The 14 Day Challenge on the Chuzi App is fast gaining steam – we have two Pioneers battling it out to reach the top of the Chuzi Dashboard. It’s Arup Vs Sandeep now and both are to some awesome antics – and all of it on video.

Sandeep has been a valuable part of the dance community since the past couple of years now. He’s popular for his dance genres like Cypher and Beatkill. He’s recently won the Aditya Birla Award and was also featured on the Kapil Sharma show.

Arup has been performing since 2019 in Kolkata. His troupe represented Kolkata in 2019 at the HHI. They were also finalists in Genre 2.0 The challenge is set, and its your turn to go vote!

The 14 Day Challenge is Live on the Chuzi App Now!