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It’s a brand new day at the Chuzi headquarters and we are hitting out the 14 day challenge that gives our Chuzi Pioneers an opportunity to rise at the ranks and top the leaderboard. Our first challenge is Aastha and Runumika, and there’s only one way your favorite dance performer can reach the top of the leaderboard – your vote.

All you need to do is download the Chuzi app, create an account and choose the best dance video between the two, Aashtha and Runumika. You can read more about her via this link.

Aashtha started out dancing at a young age, and faced some trials and tribulations before she made her mark in the world of dance. Read more about Aasthra via this link.  Runumika has been dancing since the age of four and has worked with some of the most popular dance performers, including Shakti Mohan. You can read more about her via this link.

The 14 Day Chuzi Challenge Is Live Now! Go Vote!