Tyzu and Tejas Varma are battling it out on the Chuzi App, and in their arsenal are some incredible movies. Tyzu is moving about like a rocket in the pocket, and Tyzu isn’t leaving anything to chance as well.  Tejas’ dance moves are pretty aggro  – and that’s what his fans love him for. Tyzu’s dance moves are pretty out there as well – so the dance enthusiasts will have a hard time deciding who’s the best on their mobile screens in this unique video challenge.

We simply love the fact that Tejas is putting it all in every dance performance that he’s sharing with his fans on the platform. Tyzu isn’t someone who takes a lot of time to catch up – and he’s doing what the Chuzi Pioneers are adept at doing – performing and challenging to the best of their abilities.

The Pioneer Dance Challenges start July 5.