WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer is here with Audition Challenges.

Hello Guys, We are finally here with the Audition challenges. The tag used is  #WHOisIN. Here we have @Shrikant Pareek dancing his heart out as he challenges @Shilpa Jadhav while freestyling to the song. Shilpa is seen grooving to the song and he gives a power-packed competition to Shrikant Challenge. Both have performed beautifully in the challenges but now it all depends on the vote they receive.

Help them achieve their goal. Choose your favourite and vote for them for the challenges for the show WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer. For that, you just need to download and log in to the Chuzi App and vote for your favourite dance video or the dancer.

The statistics so far for the Challenges are as follows:

Votes Shares Views
4 1 53

Here is how to gain the vote.

Check: WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer: Fan Vote Points.