Join our first ever challenge in 4 Steps

As we introduce the first video challenge application, we created an algorithm that highlights the voting system of Chuzi where there will always be a winner for each challenge.



Show off your moves through a dance video.



Rebrand and Repost by joining the VS Challenge. Meet creators of all kinds and invite them for a showdown.



Win challenges, make it to the spotlight.



Become the best dancer in Inthe country.

What makes Chuzi different?

Chuzi Challenge is a competition. The Star Makers (Voters) will decide who they want to see in the Spotlight and Win the Challenge. Think dance battle, but digital!

Rebrand and Repost your Existing Content

Upload your existing videos and Increase its value on every minutes and hours of hard-work you spent on your content.

Rebrand or Repost your existing content and get the real-time value of your Quality work.

This is your ticket to partner-up with brands in Chuzi Arena.

Steps on how to be one of the top stars on the Leaderboard.

  • Rebrand and Repost

    Simply upload your existing dance videos to your Chuzi profile and get ready to be challenged.

  • Versus Challenge

    Select and challenge other videos in Chuzi to earn points and win! The more videos you challenge the more points you earn.

  • Get Votes to WIN!

    Share your challenges with your friends and followers. Invite them to chuzi to vote for you to win the challenge, and be one of the top stars in chuzi.

Rebrand and Repost and Take up the Chuzi Challenge!

The more videos that you upload to Chuzi the more challenges you will receive.
The more challenges the more points, the higher up in the Chuzi Leaderboard you will be, and the bigger the star you will become.

Be the authentic you on Chuzi

Chuzi lets creators express their authentic self and creativity through challenges. Let yourself free, express yourself, REBRAND & REPOST your content with us and choose to be one of CHUZI's Top Stars

Vote and Challenge

Dance and Win

Your Future with Chuzi Arena!

Arena is a collaborative feature wherein our top creators from the Leaderboard will be selected by brands to do an exclusive digital campaign through Chuzi Arena.

As a creator, you no longer have to worry about seeking for brands to partner with.
Best believe that your compensation has greater value.


Enter the Arena this 2022!