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The Chuzi Pioneers are a group of incredibly talented visionaries who are supporting a unique endeavour for the dance community – an online video dance championship in India.

Chuzi app has selected more than 50 dancers and influencers around the country.  To bring to you some of the most happenin’ aspects of the dance world.

She joined a dance class with a friend just for a lark and went with her and practised for around eight months. Her parents were strict and din really support dancing. They didn’t allow her to dance once they found out about her dance classes.

Initially, Aashtha didn’t really know whether she had an interest in dance or not when her parents asked her not to dance. So in her free time, she would start practising dance at home during that phase of her life. As time passed by she started getting better at it and her passion and interest in dance increased.

Aashtha Is A Mordern Dance Pioneer Of Chuzi App. 

Dance is the Rhythm of Aashtha’s soul and that is how she expresses herself.  Whether She is happy or sad, she uses dance steps to express her emotions. There came a time where she was introduced to dance in a very soulful way.  She thought of dance as a way of expressing who she truly is. That was the day she started pursuing dance thoroughly.

Her style of dance is concept-based and  Whenever she has a cool and amazing concept she makes sure to create magic from that concept. Her dance style is a mix of hip hop, whacking, and urban dance. She has a dream to work with Bosco of Bosco-Caesar fame and Remo DSouza.

Here to an amazing app to see the various dance battle videos. Chuzi is a dance app and you should be a part of it too.

So if you are a dancer here is an app for you. Here is a way to sit and spend time in the most productive and entertaining way. You get to create your own moves and compete with the other pioneers on the app.  Take the phone and start dancing to the rhythm of your heart and share it with the world from your fingertips. Make sure to check out the app and support our pioneers and you might as well start being one of the pioneers too. Don’t forget to click on their profiles and follow them on the  Chuzi App.