Bechuzi is a dance competition app that’s unlike anyone that you have seen. That’s because of the unique aspect that the app has.  Bechuzi is for the entire dance fraternity. Those who have a set audience and looking to increase them to the amateurs. Everyone has a place in the app.

Here’s six simple reasons why Chuzi is the dance central for the dance fans all over the world.

  • Chuzi invites all dance forms

Whether you are into classical dancing or lyrical, the Chuzi app has an audience for you and they are raring to see you perform. Chuzi has a robust social media presence that’s full of dance aficiandos – people who are interested in dance for professional reasons and as well as a hobby.

  • Chuzi has a rich social media presence

Sign up on the Chuzi App. You don’t need to worry about getting an audience for your performance.It’s as simple as that.  Chuzi has a rich social media presence. That makes it possible for your performance to reach everyone. With a Chuzi app, you are tapping into the social media presence of the Chuzi app to create more exposure for yourself.

  • Chuzi is Free

Some dance competition apps offer a subscription, while others go in for the freemium mode, where you can sign up for free, but you need to pay a certain amount per month to get all the services. That’s not the case with Chuzi. With the Chuzi app, you have all the services and features available to you as soon as you sign up, making it the perfect app for anyone in the dance community.

  • Chuzi Leaderboards are Democratic

The Chuzi app not just allows you to upload your dance videos, it also allows you to challenge others – and who’s the judges? The common people! That’s correct. With the Chuzi leaderboards, you don’t have to impress someone specific – you need to make a mark for yourself among every dance fan on the app.

  • Chuzi Starboards are for the Voters

The Chuzi app is the only one that has something for the ones who vote and aren’t performing or dancing. The voters get points for every vote that they give to  their favorite dance performers. Each of these points then bolster the profile of the voters, and allow them to rise on the starmaker boards.

  • Chuzi is a safe experience

The performers on the Chuzi app will always have a safe and exciting experience. The team of moderators ensuret that  nobody has a bad experience when they are interacting with anyone on the app.

These are  the points that make Chuzi a neverbefore experienced app. The app invites dance performers from all over the world to make their profiles and take part in the dance challenges.