Amit Rokade is one of the best dancer in Bollywood. He is a member of the famous Indian hip hop dance crew, Rohan N’ Group. Rohan N’ Group is the 1st hip hop dance crew in India. Amit is the lead dancer and also the assistant choreographer of this dance crew.

Rokade has always been interested in dancing since he was a kid. He started to learn dance at the age of 5 years only. He got training in dance from his uncle, Rohan Rokade who is also a good dancer. During his schooling, Amit participated in many school dance competitions and even won some of them. He took part in street competitions as well. He also participated in dance battle in India.

Amit’s biggest support is his family. They always supported Amit in whatever he likes to do. So, there are not many hurdles in his dancing career and there is no looking back for him. Rokade never gave much thought to the choreography. He always follows his spirit and what he thinks will click for a particular musical composition.

Chuzi Pioneers: The Modern Dance Pioneers of India

Amit participated in the dance reality show, Boogie Woogie in 2007 and even won in that show. That was the biggest break in his dancing career. He won the Boogie Woogie 5 times. All these wins gave a great kickstart to his professional journey. Amit became one of the top dance influencers in India. He worked as an assistant choreographer for various live shows. He has also been an assistant choreographer for shows of A R Rahman, Meet Bros, other music videos.

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