Chuzi Pioneers are a group of incredibly talented people. Pioneers are supporting a unique endeavor of an online video dance championship in India. Chuzi brings to you some of the most happening aspects of the dance world. Ashu and Ravi are one of those. 

Ashu and Ravi love dancing which is truly obvious as they are a part of Dance Chuzi Pioneers. They love to spread the word about dancing all over the country and the world. The background they belong from is a very simple family

Ashu and Ravi faced a lot of financial issues. This definitely came as a challenge for them and where they are today is definitely a cue for all the strugglers that do not give up.

They have a unique style of dancing which is Hip Hop and animation which is magical. 

The Duo started the journey of dance with quite a lot of difficulties and now they are a part of the Chuzi Dance Pioneers program.

Chuzi is a Famous dance challenge app in India. For you tik tokers this app is a Best Tik Tok Alternative. Make sure to check out the app and support our pioneers and you might as well start being one of the pioneers too. So if you are a dancer here is an app for you.

Chuzi app lets you create your own moves and compete with the other pioneers on the app.  Take the phone, download Chuzi App, and start dancing to the rhythm of your heart and share it with the world from your fingertips. Here is a way to sit and spend time in the most productive and entertaining way. Don’t forget to click on their profiles and follow them on the  Chuzi App.