The Chuzi app is now  live on the Google Playstore and the iOS store. It is one of the best things to happen to the dance community. The dance challenge app gives the dance community an excellent opportunity to promote their talents and network. It allows them to mingle with other dance enthuisasts and performers though a dance competition.

Why the Chuzi App is a Great Opportunity:

It’s Free:

To be a part of the Chuzi community, download the app and make an account to post your videos. You do not pay any subscription fees or membership fee.  To become popular on the app, make as many dance videos as you can, and upload them on the app.

Its a whole community:

Chuzi app is the global dance competition app that’s bridging the gap between dance performers from all over the world and in different countaries. We already have dance performers from two countries signing up and creating videos on a daily basis.

Its Simple:

You don’t need to learn anything new to upload your videos on the app. The UI is simple and reminscent of any other UI that you have been using for a while.

It’s much more engaging than any other app you have been a member of. That’s because you aren’t just posting your videos there, but also challenging the other dance performers – creating a positive, competitive environment that you will get only on the Chuzi platform.

You Can Work from Home:

With the Chuzi app, you don’t need to go anywhere. Your mobile phone is your office and you can upload your videos from anywhere in the country.  So, the most important aspect of the Chuzi app is that it does away with the requirement of a studio and the expensive props. In the current situation, these could be impossible for some performers.

It is more rewarding:

Another unique aspect about the app are the leaderboards – for the performers and the audience. That’s correct. The performers will rise up the leaderboards with the votes. The audience also has a dedicated leaderboard.  It shows how many votes the audience has given to various dance performers, creating a positive environment for them as well.

Its more engaging:

The Chuzi app has several advantages over the other dance apps that are available. The biggest advantage is that the Chuzi app has special leaderboards, and the app users have the opportunity to post dance challenges to each other, and win points. This allows them to rise up on the leaderboard, which gives them an exposure to the dance audience that exists on the Chuzi app.

There’s a Dedicated Team:

Chuzi is all in – there’s a whole team working dedicatedly, around the clock, to make it the most popular dance competition app. And you benefit with this hardwork as well. That’s because the more downloads and activations the app gets, the more people will be able to view your dance videos, and see that you are taking part in the challengs. The more people view the challenges, the more people know about the unique aspect of the app and know that you are one of the first pioneers with the app.

In a Nutshell:

These are the simple advantages that the Chuzi app puts up for its users. With more and more users signing up everyday, you have an captive audience that’s just waiting to see the next big and best thing in the world of dance. Is that you?  You now have the chance to find that out.

Be a part of the most exciting dance community out there. Download the Chuzi app now.