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Sumit Verma is one of our most popular Chuzi Pioneers. He’s a Pioneer in the true sense of the word. He started his dance journey in 2005 and made the Litefeet scene popular in Mumbai.

Sumit Varma had a craving for dance since childhood. He used this passion to grow and learn new forms of dancing. As he found out about the newer types of dances, he decided to pursue them.  He got his inspiration from none other than Michael Jackson, as Sumit was one of  the few people who saw his live performance. He believes that the free passes that he got for that event changed his life for the better.

Sumit has had his tryst with destiny. He has earlier worked in the single Akhiya Do Akhiya. Further, he has been an assistant choreographer at the Dadasaheb Phalke Awards 2015.

He believes that LITEFEET is all about creativity and believes that a person’s identification is their creativity.