Vedansh Rathore is a dancer, and a Chuzi Pioneers who will soon begin his journey to reach to the top of the Creator Leaderboard. He decided to pursue dance after he started to watch dance reality shows. He decided that one day, he will definitely make it to the television screen and make his family proud.

As for his creative process, he says that he observes nature and human beings. He thinks about everything and then adds it to his dance style in a practical manner.

He started his dance journey in 2009. He actually decided to join dance classes to lose fat, because he was bulky. But as time passed, he started to love what he was doing and decided to make a career in that line. He won several competitions in Ludhiana and Chandigarh.

His life took a different curve when his parents separated in 2013. At that time, he came to Indore with his mother, and he needed to start everything once again.

He is now part of the Chuzi Pioneers, and you can help get to the top of the Creator Leaderboard – so get cracking on that app and start voting!