Kiran Purohit is from Navsari, and has been dancing for the past eleven years. They started out their career by joining a local classes and she then took advance level classes in Mumbai. Kiran started winning the local competitions, and that gave them the confidence to make it big in this field. Kiran does freestyle and does experiments in that genre. His dancing style is contemporary with an addition of lyrical and experimental.

According to him, he has faced several challenges, including financial constraints that he faced when he was young, also, he didn’t have a mentor in the initial stages of his career. His favorite dancing style is contemporary and lyrical.

His biggest break in his career was when he won the All Gujarat Championship. He is one of our Chuzi Pioneers now – and has joined the race to be at the top of the Creator Leaderboard – and you will be able to help him achieve that by downloading the Chuzi app and voting for him when his challenges light up your screen.