The Chuzi app, which allows you to create dance videos and challenge others is one of the best dance app that you will see. Performers are gonna perform – whether it’s at home or outside. The pandemic was a temporary issue that went on too long. We are seeing the end of it, though. Things are coming back to normalcy. 

During the pandemic, like very other industry, even the entertainment industry saw a lull, including the reality shows and competition progams. It as then that people realised that we don’t need the bells and whistles of an entire tv production to create a dance competition. While people are waiting to get back to normal life, entertainers are ready to do what they do best – entertain. Performers are getting back on track to create some of the most memorable performances the world has ever seen. 

  • Introducing the Chuzi App

We are proud to introduce  Chuzi – India’s Dance challenge app.  That’s not just a platform for entertainers to showcase themselves, but challenge others and find out who rules the roost, making it one of the best dance app you’ll ever download and use.

Chuzi is the ultimate platform to expose your skills to a vibrant, enthusiastic audience that’s of performers, for performers, and by performers. And all this – for free, at your time and from the comforts of your home!

And who’s gonna choose who the winner is? Is it some group of celebrities? Some unknown face that you will never know or see? No. It’s you who will be choosing the winners.  All you need to do is download the app, make an account and check out all the dance videos that the performers and the pioneers have uploaded.

That’s right. With the simple Chuzi UI, you will choose who the winner of the challenge is. Isn’t that a novel way of being Chuzi? This ensures an intrinsic, organic experience for the users and the performers – which will only work to  bring the entire dance entertainment fraternity together. 

  • How is Chuzi Different?

Chuzi is different from any other app that you have seen. It hosts some of the most famous and incredible performers, and pits them against each other – all so that you get the best level of entertainment. The unique aspect of the app is that it gives not just a platform but a competitive platform for every dance enthusiast and performer in the world. 

The Chuzi app is one of the unique apps that allow the users to be hyper-interactive. Yes, you can also upload videos of your performances and throw a challenge to anyone in your friend’s list.  What’s more, you can also add videos from your other social media profiles

  • How to use Chuzi App

With Chuzi, all you need to do is download the app, make a profile and start uploading your dance videos. Chuzi offers you an incredible platform and audience that loves dance as much as you do. The Chuzi app believes in making it worthwhile for everyone who decides to spend time on the app. So, the performers have a leaderboard that they can win points and get up on. And that’s not all – even the voters have a leaderboard that  they can rise on, as soon as they gain points by voting for their favorite dancers.

It is time to know who is the best, after all. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Download the Chuzi App right now for Android and iOS and let’s begin the competitions!