Everyone loves a dance challenge. Done correctly, a  dance challenge competition brings the entire fraternity together and is everything that the fraternity wants. Right from a learning experience for the amateurs to something that makes the experienced performers platform their skills. Dance challenges have been around since a long time.

The Advent of Dance Competitions

Before reality tv realised that this was good mainstream content, dance challenges were partl of college fests and competitive entertainment.  All over the country,  dance challenges  cater dance performers of all experience, whether  they are new or experienced.

With changing times, putting up a live dance challenge was becoming more of a challenge. The logistics were  difficult. From the audition of the contestants to the selection of the judges.  It was a long process that only the high and mighty could invest in. The number of local dance competitions dwindled. The dance fraternity lost their biggest and nearest chance to show off their skills to the dance community and create a following for themselves.

The Resurgance of the Dance Competition

This left a void in the world of entertainment and the local talent all over the world found it difficult to invest in themselves to create a journey for themselves and show themselves to the world. While older companies were shying away from investing in the entertainment sector, the newer ones just didn’t have the finances to make a string of domestic and international dance challenges.

And then came along the pandemic, which effectively shut down all businesses globally. The most hit were the entertainment and the tourism sector. With more and more productions shutting down and tv setups going haywire, many reality shows couldn’t shoot their episodes and even the best dance challenge series came to a halting stop.

The Chuzi App

But everything else in life, all of that changed.  We have a brave entertainment world that’s ready to experiment with something new. And one of the most exciting products out there for the dance fraternity is the Chuzi App, a dance challenge that’s running on your palm – on your mobile phone.

The Chuzi app is now active in two countries, and offers the perfect platform for the dance community to show their skills and create a fan following for themselves. All one has to do is sign up on the Chuzi app and create a dance video. Once the video is live, they can challenge other users of the app. The winners get points that allow them to rise up on the leaderboard.

The Chuzi app has something for everyone. Whether you are a dancer or a dance enthusiast, you can try to level up on the voters leaderboard. The more votes that you put in, the more points you get, and you get an opportunity to rise up  on the leaderboards for the voters.

The best part about the Chuzi app is that its free to download and use. It has a robust presence on the social networks. All this makes it one of the best free tools one has to promote their dance skills. And all of this, from the confines and comforts of their home.

Dance performers can bid good bye to cancelled auditions, delayed events and everything that  bog them down from pursuing a dance career. They now have the Chuzi app, the dance challenge that’s live in their palms.

Get a taste of competing from the comforts of your house. Download the Chuzi app now!