Himanshee Lakhmani is our current Chuzi Pioneer. She is from Banaras and calls Mumbai her home now. She’s been dancing and acting and dancing has always been her first priority. She started her journey in the world of dance when she was in the fifth standard. She soon realised that it’s something that she should never give up on.

She has taken part in several local hip hop dance competitions. When it comes to creating the track beats, she follows the beat and then creates an original dance out of it. Her favorite dance form is Popping.

She is now now part of the Chuzi Pioneers and looking to be at the top of the Chuzi Leaderboard. She’s wowing us with her dance performances and will soon have several challenges live. And you can decide whether she wins them or not – all you need to do is download the Chuzi app and start voting for your favorite dancer!