Chuzi is the most trending dance challenge app in India. It is different from any other app that you have seen. Chuzi app is the only dance app that offers a great platform for every dancer in the Indian dance community. To bring you the best examples of dance and entertainment in the current scenario, Chuzi collaborated with more than 50 amazing dancers and influencers out there in India. All these finest and the most exciting talents are Chuzi Pioneers.

Chuzi Pioneers are going to support the Chuzi App – a unique endeavor for the dance community. The Chuzi Pioneers will be uploading short-form dance videos and invite fellow dancers to a versus challenge. Chuzi Pioneers believes that the next stage of dance is not present at any venue, but right in your hands – on your mobile handsets. On Chuzi, voters will decide who the winner of the challenge will be, and those with the highest points will make it to the leaderboard, which is known as Spotlight.

Other than Chuzi Pioneers, who upload dance videos and participate in challenges are called Chuzi Creators. Voters are referred to as Starmakers as the complete decision making of the winner of a challenge is in their hands. On Chuzi, you will be having three types of Challenge Modes where you can participate.:

  • In one-versus-one, you are going to challenge one creator.
  • In one-versus-two, you are going to challenge two creators. This means three creators, including yourself, will battle each other in one challenge.
  • In one-versus-three, you are going to challenge three creators. This means four creators, including yourself, will battle each other in one challenge.

To reach the spotlight, a Chuzi Pioneer or a Chuzi Creator needs to earn points. You can earn points in Chuzi by winning the challenges. The more points you earn, the faster you can rank up and make it to the Spotlight. Not only winning challenges, but you can also even earn points in different ways.

  • Creating Challenges
  • Uploading High-Quality Videos

Not only Chuzi Pioneers, the voters or Starmakers can also earn points and make it to the Starmaker Leaderboard. On Chuzi, there is a separate leaderboard even for the Starmakers. The Starmakers can earn points by voting for their favorite dance challenge videos. Starmaker who earn points will rank up and make it to Starmaker Leaderboard Spotlight. By participating in Chuzi versus challenges, you get exposure to all of your fellow creators, voters, and even brands!

Download Chuzi App Now, and get ready to participate in the Pioneer Versus Challenges.