FEEL 4 Host: MC Yatin Ingle has been the host for seasons 1 and 2 and yet again the voice is back with MC Yatin at Feel 4.

MC Yatin Ingle is a first-generation MC from India. He has been holding the microphone for Indian Hip-Hop Championship, and Power of Desi Streets. Been a part of reality shows like “Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega”. Yatin has been the only Asian artist to represent Asia at World Street Awards in Russia in 2021.

Besides being an artist, Yatin Ingle is also an academician who introduced Asia’s first academic course in Hip-Hop Studies at the University of Mumbai. He is the only Indian artist who has been invited to be a speaker at International Hip-hop conferences and Communities across the globe. The host of FEEL has also been a member of ‘Authentic Voices of Africa’. It is a movement started by African Hip-Hop Artists.

Exclusive Interview with Yatin Ingle

Talking about Feel 4, Yatin says, It’s been a great opportunity for artists to be on the massive global stage like “FEEL”. Being at feel is like being on a World Stage and winning it. It is as big as an Olympic medal for lyrical dancers.

He also mentions that ” This stage is the highest level of competition that wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and initiative taken by the man himself “Vernon Sir”. Yatin has always been supportive of the dancers and artists. Being a host who tries to build and create something which would help the artists move ahead in their lives. Because of him, lyrical dance style has got its recognition, competition and a goal! It really takes a lot to set up a stage like FEEL….. kudos to Vernon Sir and his Team”.

He will now host FEEL 4. FEEL is a reputable platform and is the world’s first-ever lyrical battle. It is a stage for all of the dancers.

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