FEEL 4: TOP 8 Contestants. In the showcase round, there were 22 contestants, and the ones who score the highest are the top 8.  Now the battle has begun. The Battle round will be as follows the 1st contestant and the 8th, The 2nd and 7th, The 3rd and 6th, and The 4 and the 5th. Here is the information about the Top 8 contestants. 

India does not have a stage for lyrical dancers but today the dancers have a stage to showcase their talents on stage. This is a battle stage for all the raw talent that has not yet been discovered. FEEL is a stage for all of the dancers who wish to showcase their dance on a stage like never before. This show is not biased and appreciates their passion for dance.

1. Rohit Thapa 

Rohit Thapa is from Rajkot, Gujrat. He is dancing for the last 10 years. He is a self-trained lyrical dancer and his dance style mainly contains connectivity and moment. 

2. Rajendra Kadam

Rajendra Kadam is a dancer from Nalasopara, Mumbai. He started his dancing journey in the year 2012. At that time, he was doing only Flipping and Jhama. Then, he got the opportunity to perform for V Company. He has been a top 8 in FEEL 3.

3. Rishi Soni

Rishi Soni is from Ahemdabad, Gujrat. He has been a part of shows like Dance Plus Season 5, Dance Deewane, and India’s Best Dance. This is Rishi’s first attempt at FEEL. with the kind of dedication, Rishi has for dance he is now in the Top 8. 

4. Prashant Dalvi

Prashant Dalvi started his dance journey from the 7th standard. He started following the paths of the Lyrical Dance Style in 2014. He has been a part of FEEL Season 1, 2, and 3. Being a part of the fantastic show FEEL has given him the type of recognition that he deserves for his dance. 

5. Nikhil Soni

Nikhil started his dancing career in 2017. Since then he started traveling and exploring all over India. While traveling he created his own dance style called “Unorthodox”. Soni has been a runnerup in “Invincible Dance championship “, and “Guna Dance championship”.

6. Sadab Sarkar

Sadab Sarkar is a 7 years old boy. He is the youngest contestant on the show. Sadab started dancing at the age of 3 and for 4 months he has been doing lyrical. Learning and doing a Diploma from V Company. 

7. Nikhil Malviya

Nikhil Malviya is from the state of Madhya Pradesh. He started his dance performances in 2016. He started learning his dance from a neighbour and did that for the next two months. Post that, he took it upon himself to learn dance. 

 8. Akansha Mishra

Akansha Mishra started her dance journey in Bollywood but for the last 5 years, her dance style is lyrical. She choose lyrical Storytelling as a dance style for herself so that so could present her story. She wishes to take her untold story to the world through the stage of FEEL. Akansha wants to show the world how beautiful this world this with her dance. Akansha is the Female Contestant who qualified for Top 8 in the entire FEEL legacy. 

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