FEEL 4: Season 4 is here. FEEL Season 1 aired in the year 2016, FEEL Season 2 was held in 2017, and FEEL 3 was held before the pandemic started and restarted later in 2021. The hype for FEEL Season 3 was excellent. The auditions were beyond expectations and the dancers who completed the audition were the most amazing and the most creative dancers of FEEL

FEEL 4 is a stage where you can show your hidden talents and gain a huge fan following and a renowned name for yourself.  It is a stage for all of the dancers who wish to showcase their dance on a stage like never before. 

FEEL 4 is finally here. The 4th Season of FEEL is organized by one and only Vernon the creator of V company India, V Company Productions, and V Company Studios. Vernon Monteiro is the man behind this exciting dance battle. The auditions will be on the Chuzi app, the brand-new dance challenge app.

FEEL is a reputable platform as it is the world’s first-ever lyrical battle, where lyrical dancers gave auditions across all the Indian states. Sushant Khatri emerged as the winner of FEEL Season 1 and this win was a turning point in his dancing career. Sushant Khatri’s success encouraged all other dancers to participate in the other seasons of FEEL.

FEEL 2 and FEEL 3 gave us Mohan Singh.

The judging panel is of comprised individuals from different dance communities.

FEEL 1 Judges

1)Paul Marshal

2)Rahul Shetty

And Head Judged by Remo D’Souza

FEEL 2 Judges

1)Amit Rokade

2)Sagar Bora

3)Shubhankar Gawade

4)Vernon Monteiro

FEEL 3 Judges

1)Amit Rokade

2)Abhishek Das

3)Akash Kamble aka Axi

FEEL 4 Judges

1)Amit Rokade

2)Akash Kamble aka Ax

3)Durgesh Karlad

After FEEL 1, FEEL 2, and FEEL 3, now it is the time for FEEL 4. The auditions for FEEL 4 were held on the dance app, Chuzi. Season 4 is going to be full of talented people giving each other tough competition.

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FEEL 4: Season 4

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