The Chuzi App is fast becoming popular in the dance fraternity. The social media accounts are gaining traction about the dance challenge app that allows  the dancers not just to upload a video but also challenge the others to gain points.  Chuzi strives to be the platform for every dance in India, and therefore is looking out for the best dancers in India.

Here’s the reasons why you will find the best dancers in India on Chuzi

  • Chuzi is an easy to use app

Chuzi has a simple UI and one doesn’t have a learning curve to get used to the app. So, dance performers do not need to spend too much learning the app. They can make an account and start posting their videos and create a following for themselves.

  • Chuzi has leaderboards

The USP of the Chuzi app is that it has the opportunity for dance performers to have a leaderboard that shows how many points they have won. This creates a unique perspective for the user, which puts a value on their popularity and gives everyone an idea of the value of the person’s name and brand.  With the leaderboards, the dance performers as well as potential advertisers get a yardstick to calculate the popularity of the dance performers.

  • Chuzi’s judges are the common people

While other dance competitions have a couple of judges, Chuzi’s judges are the people.  Everyone who has made an account on the app will be able to give their decision about the best dance video and therefore play an important role in the growth of a talent.

  • Chuzi has a quick moderation process

Some apps might take days or even weeks to moderate your account and videos. Chuzi has an automated process for moderating videos, which means that the videos that you post will go live almost immediately. This means that you have more time to promote your videos and content and create a following for yourself.   W

  •  Chuzi has a robust social media presence

Chuzi has collaborated with various dance performers in India and abroad, which means that all their content is shared widely and read by dance enthusiasts – the audience that you want to connect with. So, with Chuzi being the platform that most dance performers promote their content, you are sure to get the most number of views for your video when you upload it on the app.

  • Chuzi prides itself on its safe experience

Chuzi has an automated but strong moderation process, and it takes extreme care that everyone on the app has a safe experience. This attracts the no-nonsense dance performers who are looking to make a name for themselves in the world of dance and entertainment.

These are the simple reasons why you will find the best dancers on the Chuzi app. To know more about it, download the app today!