Harsh Pawar is one of the dance influencers in India. He is from the metro city, Mumbai. For the past 10 years, he has been dancing in several offline dance competitions and also reality shows. He is now one of the modern dance pioneers of our dance challenge app India, Chuzi.

Harsh always wanted to do something in his life that would make his parents proud. He wishes to prove himself on some level. So, he decided to pursue his passion, dance. Harsh started dancing in the year 2008. Initially, he was not that serious about dancing. But later on, he concentrated more on dance and practiced a lot. 

Harsh faced many ups and downs in his life. After his father’s sudden death, a lot of responsibilities came on his shoulders. His financial conditions used to be bad. So to earn money, he even drove a rickshaw. But afterward, he paid attention to his dance training and gave many amazing dance performances, and also did some dance reality shows.

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Pawar got the biggest break in his career when he won the first season of Feels. After that, he did various reality shows like Dance Vs and Dance Maharashtra Dance, World Dance League, India’s Best Dancer, and the Youtube Silver Play button. Like others, Harsh also has the most memorable moment in his dancing journey. He introduced his brother on Sony TV in the audition of India’s Best Dancer after the first season of Feels.

Harsh love to work with one of the top 5 dancers in India, Remo D’Souza. Remo is the best dancer in Bollywood. He dreams of performing at Las Vegas World of Dance. Harsh’s creative process is very different and his dance style is quite unique. At first, he pays attention to the lyrics of the song that he is supposed to perform. Then, he will add the gist of those lyrics to the emotes that he adds to his dance performance. So, this is the reason, his dance style is popular among the audience. Sometimes, he adds some funny moves and even double entendre to his choreography which also works very well.

Harsh is now a part of our dance app, Chuzi. Chuzi is an amazing platform for all the dancers to showcase themselves and also challenge others and can know who rules the roost. Chuzi is an ultimate dance app to expose your skills to a vibrant, enthusiastic audience that’s of performers, for performers, and by performers. So download our trending dance challenge app, Chuzi, to be a part of the intensifying dance battles.