Hinal is one of the first batches of the Chuzi Pioneers. She’s been dancing since the age of six. Her main style of dancing is freestyle. Dance helps her in expressing herself and her emotions without having to say a word. It is a healing process for her and since the time she has become a dancer she wants to tell people what an amazing experience it is while making an impact.

Her style is freestyle and her favourite dancing style is the dance hall.  She likes to depict whatever she sees in her dance. She also a teacher and she considers it an honour to be able to teach Zumba to children and ladies. Like any other dancer, she has a dream to work with Remo D’souza and Prabhu Deva. 

Hinal is the latest dance performer from India who is promoting the Bechuzi app by being a pioneer of Chuzi the video challenge app.

Hinal is a part of a Famous Dance Challenge App and a Chuzi Pioneer. Make sure to check out the app and support our pioneers as well as if you have friends who loved Tik Tok and are good at dancing then make sure to check the chuzi app.  

Chuzi is a dance app and you surely have not seen anything like the app.  Take the phone and start dancing to the rhythm of your heart and share it with the world from your fingertips. Don’t forget to click on their profiles and follow them on the  Chuzi App.