Prashant Shinde specialises in krumping, popping, old school, and new school. He has been a part of dance shows like Hip-Hop International 2012 & 2015, Boogie-Woogie, and Dance Champion.

Here is an Exclusive Interview With Prashant Shinde:

1)Tell me about how you became a dancer?

I started out as a B-Boy and later on started learning it with my crew. We have participated in National Competitions and reality shows and even some International competitions like HHI in 2012. 

2)What are the tips you would like to give to aspiring dancers?

One should be really passionate about dance. Dance is a feeling as well as an emotion that you feel from inside. I think this is the best I could describe and speak for the dancers out there. If you are someone who is learning dance and wishes to be a part of a well-renowned stage then make sure to give the dance routine all you have. Dance from your heart and let it rejoice with the beats of the song.  

3)Have you been part of championships or any dance show?

I have participated in various shows before but the biggest achievements are hip hop international 2012 & 2015, boogie-woogie, dance champion.

4)How many hours do you spend practicing?

I don’t really look at the clock when I’m practicing because dance is one thing that I love to do. I make sure on busy days I practice for at least 2-3 hours.

5)How will you choose a winner for the championship? What are the criteria you have developed to judge?

The performance needs to touch me and besides it, the criteria are as follows Musicality, Foundation, Originality, Creativity, Technique, Performance, Choreography, and the Dancers Presentation.

6)What is the most important trait of a dancer?

A dancer needs to be motivated and determined if he is serious about pursuing it. They should be disciplined, able to focus, and have spatial awareness and enthusiasm.  

7)Last but not least; Are there any choreographers that you admire?

Suresh Mukund & Vernon Monteiro are the only two choreographers that I admire. 

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