Here comes our other Chuzi pioneer, Priyanshi Gupta. Priyanshi is from Ambala city Haryana. She is one of the best female dancers among all our Chuzi dance pioneers. Initially, dance is a hobby for Priyanshi. But later on, it turned into her passion, and pursued dance as her career. She cannot even think of her life without dance now.

Priyanshi’s dance style is popping which is inspired by animated movies and cartoon characters. It is characterized by hidden contraction and relaxation of muscles dancing to the beat of the music. Popping is the favorite dancing style of Priyanshi. She always feels stress-free and lost herself whenever she pops to the beats of the music. She loves to do various pops like neck, chest, arm, leg, etc. In her dance, she explores various features of popping like waving, animation, robotics, and gliding to make it more creative.

Priyanshi faced many challenges during the initial stages of her career. She used to live in a small city like Ambala, where it is not easy to choose dance as her career. At first, she joined a small academy in her city, and as her passion for dance grew, she started learning dance from Rajpura which is 25 Km from her home. She used to travel along with her dad on a bike 50 km Delhi although it is not easy. But she did not lose hope.

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She tried to reach every place where she could gain more so she even took some dance classes in Ludhiana and Chandigarh. Then there came a twist in her career when she got an opportunity in 2018 to attend a dance camp of three months in Delhi. There she actually understood that dancing is not only about choreography but is something deeper. In that camp, she actually found popping is something that attracted her. So she decided to remain focused on one style, is popping. She adopted popping dance as her dance form, since 2019.

She got the biggest break in her career during Covid lockdown 2020 as she started getting recognization for her style as a popper. Priyanshi practiced hard and got praised by famous popping celebrities worldwide which motivated her to work harder and harder. Now she is being recognized as someone called Priyanshi Popper from India. It was a good feeling for her when legends all over the world started appreciating her. The turning point in her career is when she won the Game of Rap online dance competition held in New York. She participated in famous TV reality shows like DID Little Masters and Super Dancer Chapter 4. 

Priyanshi is followed by various famous dance celebrities worldwide some of which are @Snoop Dogg, @ianEastwood, @kmoorethegoat, @madchadd, @poppinJohnSBK, @phyouture, @Ajmegaman, @Rodrigoteaser, @MariePoppinsdancer, @JRBoogaloo, @popinPete, @spiderSalahand, and many more. Her name is even published in the newspaper of New York.Some of the famous world level Instagram pages on which she has been featured are @ifinite_force, @Ilovethisdanceofficial, @artofpopping, @planetpopn, @stepxstep, @totheculture, @hiphopHarryTV, @worlddancegrooves, and many more.

Priyanshi dreams of sharing the stage with  @PoppinJohnSBK or @maddchadd. She wishes to perform at Dance Plus and also at America’s Got Talent by representing India at the world stage. Priyanshi suggests everyone work harder till their goal is achieved. Nothing can stop anyone if they are determined to achieve something.

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