PS2 is one of the famous dance groups in India. PS2 indicates the starting letters of the group member’s name i.e, Prakash, Swaraj, and Som. This team is from the city of Indore. PS2 is one of the few dance groups that are chosen by our famous dance challenge app, Chuzi, as the modern dance pioneers.

Initially, dance was not a passion for PS2. They started dancing only for entertainment purposes. But as they begin to learn it as a craft, dance became the biggest part of their life. Their dancing journey is not quite smooth. As they hail from Indore where the dance scene is not that big, they didn’t get many opportunities in terms of reality tv shows and competitions. So for the good chances, they used to travel out of the city which is the biggest challenge for them.

PS2 got the biggest break in their dancing career when they won Stage Vibe Season 5. Along with the trophy, they won 2.5 Lakhs prize money. That prize money played a very important role in their lives as it solved so many problems for them.

Chuzi Pioneers – Dance Pioneers Bringing You The Video Dance Challenge in India

PS2’s creative process is very simple. They always try to do something new and different. PS2 hasn’t learned all the dance forms of India. They create their own dancing styles. They usually use various dance forms like pop-in animation, illusions, etc in their dancing that gives them an edge over the competitors.

There are many highlights in the dancing journey of PS2. They saw themselves on national and international television. Their dance performances showcased on famous television channels like Sony, Star Plus, and Colors. PS2 felt really happy and proud of their achievements in their career.

PS2’s biggest dream is to work with the Bollywood celebrity, Hrithik Roshan, who is also among the top 10 dancers in India. They want to work with Hrithik at least once. As everyone has a dream venue to perform their dance, in the same way, PS2 also has one. They really love to perform at the NBC World of Dance in Los Angeles.

They are the Chuzi Pioneers of our Chuzi – A Dance Challenge App India. Chuzi is the first app-based video dance championship in India. Chuzi is a great platform for all the dancers for showcasing their dancing talent both nationally and internationally. On Chuzi, there will be dance challenges where dancers can challenge one another and win the dance battles. Now as a Chuzi Pioneer, PS2 is going to upload their videos and challenge others. So, don’t miss downloading our dance app Chuzi or else you all will be missing some exciting dance battles videos.

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