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Rajendra Kadam is one of the top dance influencers in Mumbai. He is from the famous dance company, V Company. He always wishes to do something unique in his life. There he decided to become a dancer. He wants to be the strongest version of himself. Rajendra started his dancing journey in the year 2013. He took admission to a dance class where he got free training for 3 months. After that, he took part in different groups, joined Infinity, and became a part of the V Company.

Rajendra’s journey is not a bed full of roses, there are also many thorns. He started from zero. He faced many struggles in his career to become one of the top dancers in India. After becoming a part of V Company he gave many amazing dance performances. He even participated in the most famous dance reality show, Dance+. But to his bad luck, he met with an accident and is out of dance for 2 years. His performance in Dance+ is his last dance before the accident.

After 2 years, Vernon Monteiro gave a second chance to Rajendra. He selected Rajendra for the group again. Vernon is one of the top male dancers in India and also owns the V Company. After joining V Company again, he gave many brilliant dance performances. He learned various dance forms from V Company. He even learned Indian hip hop dance. Rajendra’s stage name is Tora. He also knows some of the Indian dance styles.

Chuzi Pioneers: The Modern Dance Pioneers of India

Rajendra believes that solo dancing brings out the complete dance talent in a dancer. While dancing in a group, everything is left to the choreographer. Whatever the choreographer tells us, we need to do that only. There will be no chance of showing your own dance moves or creating anything new. All in all, there will be no freedom. So, this is the reason Rajendra prefers solo dancing, where he can get complete freedom. He can create his own individual identity with his dancing skills.

Rajendra Kadam


Because of his outstanding dancing skills, he became a part of the famous dance challenge app India, Chuzi. He is one of the modern dance pioneers of Chuzi. Chuzi is the trending dance challenge app in India. The dance pioneers are going to be known internationally and wow the world with their dancing skills and epic performances through Chuzi. Rajendra Kadam is one of them. Rajendra is also a part of the Indievision Pioneers and one of the first talents to grace the magazine, Indievision.