Chuzi lets the dancers express their creativity and promote authenticity through challenges. This app is specially developed for dancers. Chuzi App is a TikTok Alternative. The dancers who have been active on tik tok can now be a part of Chuzi and use the platform to showcase their talents.

The platform has voters and voters decide who they want to see in the Spotlight or Leaderboard. Everyone can consider Chuzi as an opportunity to showcase talent, creativity, and authenticity.  

Chuzi is one of the most reliable dance apps. The app makes you a dancer, judge and star-maker. Here you can post videos of yourself dancing, challenging the other creators from all around the globe and voting for each other. The app provides you with the freedom of expressing how you feel through the medium of dance.

On the app, you can upload short dance videos and invite other dancers to a challenge. The decision-making of a winner of the dance challenge is in the hands of the audience or voters. Here voters are the Kingmakers and decide who is the winner of the challenge will be and make the dancers take a place on the Chuzi Leaderboard.

Here are 8 ways a Dancer can engage with the Chuzi App.

1) First and Foremost- Download The Life-Changing App

The app is available on Playstore. It is compatible with iOS and Android. Sign up to enter the most magical world of extraordinary dancers.

2) No compromises were made with the quality of videos

The platform has quality dance videos of those extraordinary dancers. The videos have immense talent as well as a lot of entertainment. 

3) Upload videos from home

You can upload videos from the comfort of your own house. During hard times like the Covid pandemic, one prefers to work from home and this app allows you to do just that.

4) Unique dance moves

The dancers have a very unique and different approach towards every dance the creators perform.

5) Dance videos trending songs

The creators can take on the current dance challenges that are going around the globe and make it a trending challenge of the Chuzi App by adding your own touch to it. 

6) Trending dance challenge

The creators will have the freedom to add their challenges and make sure to give their best in order for those challenges to be on the top. 

7) New Challenge Videos

As the creators wish they can put up challenges that may include props and challenge the other dancer. This makes it interesting as every dancer has his own style. When two dancers with different dance forms blend together the same dance routine still look different from the other. 

8) Group Videos

If you have a group of friends and are looking out for a stage to showcase your talent then Chuzi is a place for you. 

Check out our app and be a part of it.  Download the Chuzi app now.

The Chuzi app is the best platform for all the budding dancers to showcase their dancing nationally and internationally. So without wasting time, download Chuzi app and start creating videos and participate in the dance challenges. For more latest updates, please visit Bechuzi

To know more about Chuzi App stay active and subscribed. The app is available on Playstore and is compatible with Android as well as iOS. Download the App from the play store and sign in to enjoy the features of the app. 

Join the Dance Revolution That’s On Your Phone Today. Download the Chuzi app now.