The Chuzi app is fast becoming the one app to connect to the entire dance fraternity. More and more dance performers are signing up with the app and making their presence felt. The Chuzi app is a unique dance challenge app that strives to create a platform for everyone in the dance community in India. Here are a few reasons why new dancers are rocking the Chuzi app.

  • The Chuzi App  Has Leaderboards

The leaderboards of the Chuzi app are a unique aspect, as they create a yardstick that everyone can count on. So, the dance performers are more invested in creating their profile on the app and uploading as many video as they can.  The Chuzi app has leaderboards not just for the dance performers but for the voters as well. This ensures that the entire audience of the Chuzi app engages with each other.

  • The Chuzi App has a Strong Social Media Presence

The Chuzi app has a robust social media presence, which makes it a valuable tool for dance performers to have in their arsenal. The social media presence of the app is present over the big three social platforms, and that ensures that any video that the dance performers will create goes to a wide audience that is as relevant as it is excited about the dance scene in India.

  • The Chuzi App has a Strong Moderation Team

The Chuzi app has a strong moderation team, with this, they ensure that everyone has a great experience while  on the app.

Here are the new dancers creating waves on the app:

  • Aastha:

Aastha is one of the newest dance performers on the block who are working towards creating a niche for themselves in the world of dance. Her dance style right now is a mix of whacking, hip hop and urban dance.

  • Raghav:

Raghav Aneja has been dancing for the past three years.  He is part of the Chuzi Pioneers. He started out dancing as a hobby and he even participated in dance competitions in school. Winning them has been a high point in his career. These dance competitions that he participated in are the reasons why he realized dance is not just his passion but it completes his day.  Raghav is a part of a Famous Dance Challenge App and a Chuzi Pioneer. Make sure to check out the app and support our pioneers as well as if you have friends who loved Tik Tok and are good at dancing then make sure to check the chuzi app.

  • Koilash:

Koilash is from Guwahati, Assam. He is one of the Chuzi Pioneers. He is a believer that he is still learning and exploring the world of dance. This talented dancer is passionate about dance and has a wish to make his parents proud and which is the main reason he has pursued dance. Starting up was not easy for him as he had to face a lot of financial crises which is why her parents wanted him to take up a job and not follow dance as a profession. He has his own style but contemporary dance is his main area of dance. Koilash wishes to perform at in international stage of World Of Dance(WOD). He also wishes to work with Raghav Juyal and will definitely work towards making it come true