First things first, the app prioritizes the content that’s uploaded and is all about people.

Chuzi is a go-to because the creators can use this platform to express their creativity and promote authenticity through challenges. This app is a platform to interact and bring out the creative you. It helps to kill time with online challenges. The challenges based on food, beauty, and many more based on the grounds of creativity. 

One can upload short videos and invite fellow dancers and friends to a challenge. There is even a voting tab available on the app where we decide who the winner of the challenge will be. This app is also a space for influencers and creators that are looking out for brands to sponsor their content. 

A Vote Pole is way more interactive than the likes tab. Chuzi is a place where a creator comes up with a challenge and uploads on the app where they challenge other creators. Viewers are our judges here as they get the privilege to vote and choose who they think is the best. This space will make you feel like someone and not just a random human with no creative sides.

It’s not just an app it’s a whole production house. It is much more than what one can expect from an app. BeChuzi is a whole one-man show. Here we have performers as creators, audience as our judges, brands as our sponsors, and last but not least the team behind the whole app as producers and talent managers.

Chuzi has 4 values to follow.

  • FUN

The fun comes with all the elements that are kept open to be used for one to enjoy the app. Authenticity is where it provides people with raw content and unfiltered content. People put up their personal content and engage with people on a deeper and personal level. This platform is made for users to explore their creativity and let their creative side take over and make the content more entertaining.

We at Bechuzi Have one objective of bringing up challenges that people have not done. Improvising the challenges that already exist and people will use this platform as a way to connect to each other. To associate BeChuzi content with the challenge aspect of the Chuzi App. We want to promote challenges through our articles and be appealing enough for the audience to engage on the website and our social media channels. 

To know more about BeChuzi App and its launch; stay active and subscribed to our website.