Hello Everyone!!! You all know that many exciting and intensifying dance challenges are going in our Chuzi app daily. Some of you have also been part of these challenges. Our Chuzi dance pioneers are creating very amazing dance videos. Today, we are going to list out the names of the 3 Chuzi pioneers who topped our Chuzi Creators leaderboard.

Check out the 3 Dance Pioneers ruling the Chuzi Creators Leaderboard-

  • Raghav Aneja

Currently, Raghav Aneja is ruling our Chuzi leaderboard. Raghav Aneja secured the 1st position in our creator leaderboard. Even though he created only 19 dance videos, he became the top dance pioneer on our Chuzi dance app. All his dance videos are top-notch. So far, he participated in 933 Chuzi challenges and scored 120040 Chuzi points. His quality score on Chuzi is 82.74%

  • Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh secured 2nd position on the Chuzi leaderboard. He created 38 brilliant dance videos on Chuzi. All his dance videos are very energetic and full of different dance moves. Because of his outstanding dance videos, he also got 86 followers in very little time. He participated in 772 dance challenges and achieved 107388 Chuzi points. He secures nearly 5000 Chuzi points daily. So far, he is having 89.12% quality score on Chuzi.

  • Lakshita Dubey

Lakshita Dubey became one of the top 3 dance pioneers of the Chuzi dance app. She got 3rd rank on the Chuzi creators leaderboard. Till now, she created 40 amazing dance videos and secured 83553 Chuzi points. Her every dance video is of a different dance style. She also participated in 642 Chuzi dance challenges and has an 84.11% quality score.

Therefore, these are the top 3 dance pioneers who are ruling the creators’ leaderboard of our famous dance challenge app, Chuzi. If you also want to be a part of our Chuzi dance challenges, download Chuzi app now. You all can become the Starmakers and can also secure a position on our Chuzi Starmaker leaderboard.