Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps in the country and across the globe and it is the top popular music challenge apps. The demands and popularity of Karaoke went up and many mobile companies pounced on it to leverage this demand. This is a golden opportunity for all music content creators. They can use these apps to showcase their talent on a global level and create a fan following across social media platforms.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Karaoke Music Challenge apps for Android and iOS



SMULE was previously known as Sing. It is one of the leading karaoke apps available on Android, iOS, and Apple TV. Using this karaoke singing app, singers can easily create solo, duet, and group singing performances along with their favourite singing stars around the world. CNET in 2018 announced that SMULE is the biggest karaoke singing apps at the moment. The amazing audio effects available on SMULE make you feel like a star and also allows the sharing of performances across social media platforms. SMULE is an American Music App.

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Just Dance Now

This app offers over 500 popular songs to which you would otherwise dance while on a night out. If fitness is your focus, the app also tells you the fitness stats of your session and allows you to connect it to other health-related apps too.


Karaoke is amongst the most popular karaoke singing apps available on android and ios platforms. Singers can easily record their karaoke performances and share them with their fans. Karaoke allows users to sing duet performances, add sound effects, balance music with video, add video effects for better output along with a list of many other features. It is one of the most used music challenge apps.


Just pick a pace that works for you and choose from a host of great dancers and instructors to help you not just ape the moves but learn the fundamentals, step by step. It offers over 600 classes that include Hip-Hop and House but also lets you try other forms like Krumping and Popping. Simple but useful custom features let you control the speed, loop moves, and more.


StarMaker is counted as the best alternative to SMULE at the moment in terms of karaoke singing apps.  A decent and easily navigable UI, helps users to easily sing, record, and share their musical performances across multiple social media platforms.

StarMaker also allows various forms of audio enhancements. Includes echo and little reverb to help users sound like a real star during their karaoke performance. This karaoke singing app leverages the YouTube unlimited library access to video and songs.

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Zumba Dance App

If you have been missing your group classes, download this app to get started with Zumba workouts at home, and we are fans of Zumba. The steps are easy to follow even for beginners and the app offers detailed tutorials that will also help you learn a dance routine simultaneously.

The Voice

The Voice is also available on both android and ios. This Karaoke singing app has a good collection of pre-recorded music of famous songs. One feature that differentiates The Voice from other Karaoke singing apps is that the more songs you sing; the more songs get unlocked from a list of top-performing artists around the world. This app also helps you add different audio effects and also enables sharing your performances on social media.

Learn Bhangra

If you love dancing to Punjabi music and want to get your heart racing, Bhangra is a great dance form that can count as a high-intensity workout. The steps are demonstrated on this app through a cardiovascular exercise format, and if you have no clue about Bhangra dancing, the instructor breaks down each step to get you started.

Sing Play

Sing Play is available on Android and iOs platforms, Sing Play has a library of free karaoke tracks where, unlike other karaoke singing apps, users don’t have to download any tracks before beginning their performance. Using Sing Play you can sing, record, and share your performances with your social media followers.



Bechuzi Platform is a go-to because the creators can use this platform to express their creativity and promote authenticity through challenges. This app is a platform to interact and bring out the creative you. It helps to kill time with online challenges. The challenges are based on food, beauty, and many more based on the grounds of creativity. 

Dance with Madhuri

The app is under the ownership of  Madhuri Dixit. She offers more than 30 different dance styles and has over 2500 lessons with videos from celebrity Bollywood instructors and professional dancers. The dance styles include Folk, Latin, and Ballroom. Madhuri Dixit is the dancing queen of India. She never disappoints her audience. The grace in her moves and expressions on her face are commendable and worth admiring. Her smile never fails to cast a charm on her fans. She had perfect chemistry with every actor she worked with, and Bollywood is and will always be indebted to her. 

Bollywood dances can never go out of style as they are unique and have our culture tadka in them. Not all the dances but a few for sure have the tadka. Bollywood surely has multi-talented people as a part of it. These people are not just ordinary people as they have a lot to give on-screen. Some are professionally trained and some have it in their blood. Just like that, we have a very colourful and talented industry. Dancers like Hrithik Roshan, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are the best dancers and are known for their performance. 

Dancing for pleasure or by following a routine can be a great way to get a workout in without feeling like you’re doing just that.

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