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The contemporary dance form is not just the inclusion of one dance form. It includes various dance forms like classical ballet, modern, lyrical & jazz styles. Contemp is blended together with various dance forms to make beautiful art. It is about the rhythm of the soul. The lyrical contemporary has a connection and we never break a move to start another it is a continuous process. The dance form is all about innovation, creativity, versatility, and flexibility both of mind and body. A contemporary is a dance form and it is a famous dance style in India. 

The dance form focuses on unexpected movements, self-expression, and freedom. It maintains a strong focus on technique while focusing on other aspects of it. Mastering this dance form can take years but if you have a good sense of body coordination and style, you might want to try out some of the beginner classes. The lyrical contemporary comes with a beautiful blend of plain contemporary and lyrical movements. The moves never break and they are connected deeply to each other. This move makes you innovative as you don’t have to copy the old moves but create your own if you want to. 

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Dancers come in different shapes, sizes, genres. The meaning of dance is different for different people. The way people tend to approach it and the way they try to portray what dance means to you always differs. India is famous for many things and one of them is dance. Dancing is a beautiful thing and the best thing. It helps you to get out your frustration, sadness, joy, or any emotion. It is scientifically proved. Try it yourself!

Here are some things that contemporary does to your body:

Strength and flexibility Improves

Contemporary dance form focuses on core strength for flexible movement. The torso plays an important part here and it needs to be strong, to begin with. As a beginner, your body may not be flexible to the extent that the form demands. To avoid sore muscles and pain later, prepare yourself beforehand by trying yoga or stretching sessions that help loosen up your stiff muscles. The dance form strengthens your bones physically and mentally. This dance form helps with concentration and also improves your flexibility. When done right it becomes a type of body exercise. The flexibility is improved and helps you reduce weight or exercise better when you practice contemporary.



Having flexible joints and muscles is important to stay away from daily life injury in bones and muscles and also helps ease joint pain. Dancing makes you flexible, which prevents stiffness that stops you from performing several things in your day-to-day activities that your body would want to do. If you start dancing from a young age, you would not experience the problem of balancing and will be able to walk normally even as you age. This is because you would have built that stability in your body that’ll help you in the long run in gaining better control.

Self Expression

There’s no wrong way to perform a contemporary dance. Self-expression is paramount. During dance classes, you’ll focus on floor work and expressing your feelings through motion, pace, and transitions. Improvisation is a foundation of contemporary dance. Dancers often perform in their bare feet and focus on connecting fluid movements and transitions, leveraging gravity and floor work. A dance may be fluid and relaxing or aggressive. Regardless, you can tailor an improvisation to your mood and vision. Each dance is unique. It’s a creative outlet that continuously challenges and welcomes new ideas.

Express With Moves

The contemporary dance form is all about letting your emotions flow and giving it a form of expression. Practising it daily will result in you developing your own technique and dance aesthetics. It is essential for beginners to understand the choreographer’s aesthetics and learn from your instructor’s technique. Most beginners need to work on expression, emotions, and narration.

You can learn how to focus on fluid movement and increase your range of motion. This dance form is a part of meditation for your body and it will help your mind to develop more focus. Each dance step is connected to the other and the flow plays a vital role. This helps the body to develop more concentration and focus and it strengthens your mind. Dance is known to be the thing where you can effortlessly express how you feel about the situation. 

Stress Reduction

Contemporary dance classes actually contribute to healthier living. It’s almost impossible to stay stressed when you’re surrounded by so much positivity and sweating out the worries of the day! With this kind of dance form, you don’t really need exercises as the dance form itself has so much flexibility involved. Contemporary dance has therapeutic qualities and it helps relieve stress. When you are jamming to the song the body produces endorphins and it naturally helps in reducing stress. You may feel calmer. Getting lost in dance will also distract you from stress. This dance requires in-the-moment organizing, memory recall, and planning. Dancers focus not only on what they’re doing but also on what they plan to do, which stimulates cognitive health. 

It’s almost impossible to stay stressed when you’re surrounded by so much positivity and sweating out the worries of the day! The endorphins produced as a result of a dance class can last for as much as twenty-four hours, giving the student a sense of peace, well-being, and optimism. Contemporary dance is actually an extremely flexible dance form that lends itself beautifully and allows students to experience as well as express their thoughts as well as feelings in an approach that uniquely represents their individuality. Moreover, it also teaches them to value as well as honour those parts of themselves instead of trying to suppress or hide them. By focusing on dancing, you’ll let go of many of the day’s daily concerns and aggravations. This is one of the various dance forms in India. 

Train your body

Dancing is an excellent activity for getting your desired body. It is not only good to shape your body it also helps to get healthy and lose unwanted fat. Contemporary moves challenge various parts of the body like muscles, balance, and coordination with transitions and poses. Many dancers feel better about themselves as they improve their health and dance skills.

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