Vedansh Rathore is one of the dance pioneers of our video dance challenge app, Chuzi. He is from Ludhiana, Punjab. There is a unique reason why Vedansh entered the dance world. He started dancing as an exercise as he wants to have a toned physique. But as he started practicing, his interest in dancing increased. He won several challenges in his hometown and in Chandigarh. By asking permission from his parents, he came to Mumbai in 2017. He joined one of the best dance companies in Mumbai, V Company, and learned a lot from there.

Vedansh used to watch television a lot. Even though he started dancing for his physique, he later pursued dance as his career when he saw some dance reality shows. At that time he decided that he will also feature in one of those reality shows. His creative process is quite different. He observes the things around him and not just things rather he also observes people around him. Later, he put a lot of thought into everything, and then he tries to put in a dance style.

He is a versatile dancer. Vedansh can adhere to any dance style that the song requires. His favorite dance styles are lyrical and popping. Vedansh also faced problems in his initial days of dancing. His grandfather is against his dancing career. They used to have a lot of fights in the house because of that. In 2013, his parents got separated and as a result, he shifted with his mom from Ludhiana to Indore. Because of this, he needed to start from scratch as he had a good following in Ludhiana. But in a very less time, he created all over again in Indore.

Vedansh Rathore got his biggest break when he won three lyrical dance battles at V Company. That’s when his grandfather is also overjoyed and permitted him to take up dance as a profession. Vedansh likes to perform at Hip Hop International and wants to make India proud in Las Vegas.

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