Vijay and Chetan are duo brothers from Malegaon. They have been into dancing for 8 years and professional dancing for 5 years. Coming from all the struggles they now have their own studio. The duo has had an impressive journey in the world of dance. 

The Duo started the journey of dance from small-town beginnings and now they are a part of Chuzi Dance Pioneers program.

Vijay and Chetan have had a lot of ups and downs. They have been actively participating in the dance competitions and that has been the place that challenged them to do better. They won a certain amount of competition and have lost a few too. Participated in mega auditions of Dance Plus 3 and 5. They were also a part of DMD in 2018 and have done several other reality shows.

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Having a very unique style of dancing and that’s one of the main reasons they choose to pursue dance. Been a part of many dance Championships and now they have entered the world of Chuzi Dance challenge. Their style is unique and different and now they have a name of their own i.e creative and urban. Inspired by many but have a dream to share the stage with dharmesh.

Vijay and Chetan are a part of an upcoming Dance Era 

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