Hello Everyone! We are done with the challenges and Now the participants will be uploading their audition videos. The tag used is  #WHOisIN. The participants really seem to be giving a neck-to-neck competition with each other. The audition videos seem fun and here is a list of those videos with statistics. Here are the 8 dancers who have uploaded their Audition Videos.

Here are the 7 dancers with audition videos and statistics.

Swati Kharade

Votes Point Views
24 3,650 17
Jitender Singh

Votes Point Views
0 150 3
Rajiv Ujjainwal @Rajiv(Rpop)

Votes Point Views
0 100 6
Moin Chagan

Votes Point Views
2 300 7
Madpop India

Votes Point Views
246 26,200 35
Rupesh Walke

Votes Point Views
1 1,500 13
Golden Popper

Votes Point Views
3 300 8

Help them achieve their goal. Choose your favourite and vote for them for the challenges for the show WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer. For that, you just need to download and log in to the Chuzi App and vote for your favourite WHOIS audition videos of the participants.