WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer’ is a Dance Championship and your ticket to becoming famous as well as rich with a cash prizes of 7,50,000 INR. One who wishes to participate will showcase their talent and get a step closer to winning exciting prizes by auditioning for it. There will be a total of 128 winners from the qualifying rounds to the finals. All the dancers who pass the qualifying rounds will be winning a minimum of 1000 INR. The Auditions will be held online as well as live at V Company Studios. People who wish to audition online can audition online and those who wish to audition live can come down to V Company studio.

‘WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer’ Dance Championship has so far completed its auditions with West and The East region auditions are still happening. if you are from the east hurry up and register yourself. The live audition starts on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of May. From 19 – 24, May Challenge 1 will take place. In the challenge, you upload a new video based on the challenge guidelines and wait till judges score your video. If you are a dancer don’t miss this opportunity of being a part of the richest and the easiest dance competition.

WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer‘ Dance Championship is open to all regions: East, West, North, and South. For all the solo dancers this is an amazing opportunity to increase their fan base nationally and internationally.

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The Bracket Round Will Be As Follows

Round 1 with (Top 128 Dancers): 5-9th September

Announcement of Top 64 for Round 2:  13th September.

Round 2 with (Top 64 Dancers): 19-23rd September.

Announcement of Top 32 Dancers for Round 3: 27th September.

Round 3 with (Top 32 Dancers): 3-7th October.

Announcement of Top 16 Dancers for round 4: 11th October.

Round 4 with (Top 16 Dancers): 17-21st October.

Announcement of Top 8 Dancers for Quarter Finals: 25th October.


The show airs on ChuziTV: December.

The above are the details of the bracket rounds. Do follow in order to not miss out on any events happening on that date.WHOIS? Indias Best Dancer: Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals & Finals will be held at V COMPANY Studios.

For any updates on WHOIS? India’s Best Dancer, please contact us on 9307392480 Join us now and be a part of India’s Best Dance Show!


WHOIS? Indias Best Dancer: Announcements For Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals & Finals.