Yagnesh is officially a member of our group of Chuzi Dance Pioneers as well as Chuzi modern dance pioneer. He started dancing when he was five but din really attend any dance classes due to personal problems. His father was the one who taught him how to dance and he taught him several dance styles like robotics, body waves, arm waves, and breakdance. Initially, he couldn’t really learn dance from dance classes from a mentor in the dance classes due to some personal issues.

Like any other dancer, he faced a lot of ups and down when he started out he had quite a heavyset body. Which was the main reason for mentors to not train him. Being the struggle that he is he still managed to get through it.  That’s the reason he took so long to achieve what he has today.  He initially started with stage shows but it was never a profession but as time passed it has become its profession. 

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Yagnesh is a part of an upcoming Dance Era that is brought to us with the Dance App Chuzi. Chuzi is a Famous dance challenge app in India. This app can be considered as one of the best Tik Tok alternatives so if you have friends who loved Tik Tok and are good at dancing then make sure to check the app and tell them to be a member of the Chuzi family too.

This young talented dancer of India has also created several signature and original moves. The young talented dancer has a mixed Indian dance style and these are both street and stage. He wishes to create something that’s a cynosure of both street and stage. Something that’s equal Indian movement as well as original movement.  He is most probably into krumping and hip hop and has learned several styles besides Krumping and hip hop. Yagnesh believes once you start dancing, the style is just there on paper.

Krumper Yagnesh a dance influencer and is one of our chuzi pioneers who are the next stage of entertainment and dance. The app is for you to meet such amazingly talented people virtually. Chuzi has collaborated with some of the finest examples of dance and entertainment.

Here is an app like no other. So if you are a dancer here is an app for you to sit and spend time in the most productive and entertaining way. You get to create your own moves and also improvise someone else’s moves and learn from the same. Here is your Chuzi app. Make sure to check out the app and support our pioneers and you might as well start being one of the pioneers too. Don’t forget to click on their profiles and follow them on the Chuzi App.