The Chuzi Pioneers are those who believe that the next stage of entertainment and dance is not present at any venue, but right in your hands – on your mobile handsets. We have collaborated with some of the finest and the most exciting talents out there in India, to bring to you the finest examples of dance and entertainment in the current scenario.  Here’s a brief chat with them. Don’t forget to click on their profiles and follow them on the Chuzi App.

Our first team of pioneers are:

  • Rajendra Kadam
  • Amit Rokade
  • PS2
  • Yagnesh
  • Axi
  • Vijay and Chetan

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Rajendra Kadam

Rajendra Kadam from V Company is one of the top dance influencers in Mumbai. He is one of the  Chuzi dance Pioneers who are raring to go international and wow the world with his dance skills and epic performances. Kadam is part of the Indievision Pioneers and one of the first talents to grace our magazine, Indievision. We had a brief chat with Rajendra Kadam, stage name Tora. 

So, how did you start your journey?

I started out in 2013 when I took admission to a dance class. The tutor there gave me free training for about three months. That was the beginning of my journey. I went on taking part in various groups, one better than the other. I finally joined Infinity and then finally became part of V Company. 

What made you pursue dancing?

I wanted to do something in life – something unique. I thought that until and unless I don’t become the strongest version of myself, I have a lot to achieve. 

What issues did you face in your career?

Well, my career has seen its ups and downs. After I joined V Company, I had some excellent dance performances. But at around the same time, I suffered an accident and was out of action for two years. You must have seen me in the Dance+ episode. But I couldn’t do anything after that. I am thankful to Vernon sir that he gave me another chance and selected me for the group once again.

How was that experience? 

Well, I had to start from zero. But I had made up my mind that I want to become not just a good dancer but an excellent dancer.  I learned a lot from this group during that time, including hip hop. 

Solo dancing is something that really brings out the dance talent in you. When you are dancing in a group, you more or less leave everything to the choreographer. Whatever they tell you, you do. That’s different from solo dancing. You have more freedom.  I want people to know my individual identity. That’s the reason I am paying more attention to solo dancing. 

Amit Rokade

Amit Rokade is a member of Rohan N’ Group, which is India’s first hip-hop dance crew. He is also a lead dancer and assistant choreographer of Crew. Amit joins the  Chuzi Dance Pioneers and takes pride of place in this week’s Indievision. Here’s a brief encounter with him.  

How did you start in the world of dance?

My uncle, Rohan Rokade, taught me dance since I was 5 years of age.  I have been interested in dance since then. 

What made you pursue the world of dance?

I liked dancing. My uncle taught me to dance. My family supported me in doing something that I like. So, there was no looking back for me. 

What is your creative process? 

To be frank, I don’t give much thought to the choreography. I follow my spirit and what I think will click for particular musical composition. 

How was your journey from childhood to today in the world of dance?

I took part in several school competitions as well as street competitions. My big break came when we won Boogie Woogie in 2007.  We went on to win Boogie Woogie 5 times. That was the kickstart that my professional journey required. 

I ventured into Bollywood and did two dance-based movies. I also was an assistant choreographer for several live shows, including A R Rahman, Meet Bros, and others music videos. 


PS2 is a dance group from India. They get their name from the three members of their group, Prakash, Swaraj, and Som. They are one of the few groups that are Chuzi Dance Pioneers. Here’s our interview with them. 

What made you pursue dance?

We started dancing for entertainment purposes actually. But we started learning it as a craft, and it became a bigger part of our life. 

Did you face any problems in the initial stage of your career?

We are from Indore, and the dance scene there isn’t that big. We didn’t have many opportunities when it came to reality television and competitions. We had to travel out of the city. That was a big challenge for us. 

And what do you consider to be the big break in your career?

That was when we won Stage Vibe Season 5. The prize money was 2.5 Lakhs. That amount meant a lot to us. 

What’s your creative process?

Our creative process is simple. We try to do something that’s different and new. 

How would you describe your dancing style?

We create our own dancing styles. We use pop-in animation, illusions, etc that gives us an edge over the competitors.

According to you, what are the highlights of your career?

When we saw ourselves on national and international television. When our performances were televised on Sony, Star Plus, and Colors.  That was when we were really proud and happy, it was a highlight of our career. 

And who’s a dream celebrity you would like to work with?

We would love to work with Hrithik Roshan. 

And one venue where you’d love to perform?

We would really love to perform at the NBC World of Dance in Los Angeles


Yagnesh joins our group of Chuzi Dance Pioneers. He has had an interesting career, starting performance at the age of five. Yagnesh has had an organic evolution since then, complete with the ups and downs. We caught up with Yagnesh and here’s our interaction with him. 

How did you get into the world of dancing?

My dad taught me to dance. I started learning dance at the age of 5 years. I used to do stage shows back then.  I never thought that I would take up dancing as a profession. But when I was in Grade 5, I couldn’t go to the dance classes because of some personal issues. When I stayed away from dance, that’s when I realized my passion for it. I stood in front of the mirror and thought that I have to become a professional dancer.

What were the issues that you faced in your dance life?

There are several aspects. But one that I really will never forget is that I was quite a heavyset body when I first started out. So, many dance teachers wouldn’t allow me to train with them. I faced this for several years of my life. Maybe that’s the reason I took so long to achieve what I have done today. But I have no regrets today

How would you describe your dance style?

I think that I represent both the stage and the street. I want to create something that’s a cynosure of both of these. Something that’s equal Indian movement as well as original movement. I have created several signature and original moves. 

What’s your favorite style of dance? To be frank, I like dancing in any style. Once you start dancing, the style is just there on paper. But I love Krump and Hip Hop. I have learned several styles over the years. My dad taught me several dance styles like robotics, bodywaves, armwaves, breakdance. 


Akash, also known as Future X is from V Company. He’s had a love for dance since childhood. He is one of the Chuzi Dance Pioneers. Here’s what he had to say when we met him:

How did your dance journey begin?

I started my dance journey about 11 years ago. At that time, Vernon Monteiro of V Company was famous as a solo dancer as well as a group dancer. I decided back then that I would meet Monteiro and learn dance from him. I just met him one day and he gladly accepted me into the group. We actually met at a railway station!

What made you pursue dance?

I continued dancing because it is an interesting art. I have liked dancing since childhood. People in school appreciated my dance, as well as the local people. But my deep connection with dance started after college when I met Vernon sir. That’s when I decided to do something in the field of dance. 

What is your creative process like?

Vernon sir has a creative process that inspired us. When we see him, we get inspired. His lyrics, music sense, flow, everything – that’s what inspires us. 

Vijay and Chetan

Vijay and Chetan are duo brothers from Malegaon. They have their studio and have been dancing on a professional level for five years. The duo has had an impressive journey in the world of dance, right from their small-town beginnings, to impress us enough to have them as part of our Chuzi Dance Pioneers program.

What were the ups and downs that you faced in your career?

Oh, we have had a lot of ups and downs. We used to take part in competitions and it was a learning experience – we won some and we lost some. But, we were naive and we used to argue and debate about who was at fault. But at the end of the day, we learned a lot from these arguments and experiences.

What made you pursue dance?

We have been dancing for around eight years. We decided to pursue dancing because very few dancers have the style of dancing that we have. We instantly knew that we had a style that was unique and different and we could create a name of our own. 

What is your favorite dancing style?

Our favorite dancing style is  Creative and Urban. 

According to you, what was your big break in your career?

We were at the mega auditions of Dance Plus 3 and 5. We also did DMD in 2018. We have done several other reality shows. 

Who would you like to perform with?

We would really like to perform with Dharmesh sir. 

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