In India today, there are several Tik Tok Alternatives. While they have some fan following, they have yet to become as big as Tik Tok in India. When it came to Tik Tok, celebrities actually made their accounts on an organic basis. Celebrity managers added Tik Tok as a promotional service for celebrity clients – it was that big. There are several reasons that Tik Tok became so famous, and part of this success story was the features. Here are five features that we think the next Tik Tok alternative must-have.

Features a Tik Tok Alternative Should Have:

  • Learn

Most short video apps are a platform to entertain.  It’d be great if one of them turns into a platform to teach. The feature could be a clumping of all teaching videos, right from dancing to cooking to playing a musical instrument. Would work wonders for the teaching fraternity as well.

  • Offline:

YouTube has its studio in India.  A Tik Tok alternative will offer a great opportunity if it has an offline studio or a platform for creators. Many do not have the space to make their videos. This would also help in creating a more professional ambiance and atmosphere of the videos, taking the Tik Tok alternative away from the lowbrow entertainment label that Tik Tok carried for a while.

  • Recognition

If there was one aspect that Tik Tok didn’t have was the special recognition for its content creators. Yes, there were trending creators, most viewed videos, so on and so forth, and even featured creators, but there was nothing like the one who ruled it all. With so many competition-based apps out there, any Tik Tok replacement would need to bestow some kind of recognition among all the content creators, even if it is just cosmetic.

  • Dance Battle India

When it comes to short video apps, there aren’t many who give the users a chance to do dance battles. Dance battles in India are gaining prominence and there are several who have seen the dance battles other than in the movies, like Gully Boy.  We have yet to have a major dance battle in India, but with the world of entertainment changing almost every day, we can just hope that we have an app or a website that takes interest in the concept of dance battles and dance video app.

These are just some of the features that we would like to see in a Tik Tok alternative if it hits India. There’s a huge community of dance lovers and followers who are eagerly awaiting any app that will offer these features.

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