Ever since its trailer release, Netflix’s new original has been talked about. ‘Delhi Crime’ a seven-episode series focusing on one of the most heinous crimes that took place in December 2016. The entire nation was struggling to keep their emotions, anger and outrage under control, people went berserk. Amidst all this chaos the police able to nab down all the criminals in a very short period of time. Delhi Crime gives us a rough insight into how the Police officers managed to catch the culprits involved in the heinous act with a high amount of pressure and constant backlash.

Here are four aspects that make the Delhi Crime a must-watch web series-

  • Perfect Cast

4 Aspects that make ‘Delhi Crime’ a must watch

The casting of the show is at a top-notch level with actors we have all loved in different challenging roles. Shefali Shah, Rasika Duggal, Adil Hussain to name a few have done justice to their characters as Police Officers and human beings striving hard with juggling their life. The makers will be sticking to the cast in producing anthologies with several different crime cases.

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  • Limited episodes

4 Aspects that make ‘Delhi Crime’ a must watch

Instead of making it a documentary, movie or very short series, the makers decided to make it a seven-episode series which was perfect to give an insight into the story. More episodes or lesser duration, either of these could have ruined the impact the show successfully made on its viewers.

  • Right Platform

One of the reasons why the series received the right response and reviews is because of the platform it released on, ‘Netflix’. The platform in India mostly used by Young Adults and Adults in general which led to its discovery by the appropriate audience. The series is definitely not for kids or the faint-hearted.

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  • Realistic Approach

4 Aspects that make ‘Delhi Crime’ a must watch

Another aspect that makes the series class apart is the realistic approach. The actors do look like Police Officers who haven’t had an ounce of peaceful sleep. The dishevelled looks, along with no unnecessary makeup make the actors look every bit of the role they outstandingly play. The writers have done a commendable job. They produced an ample amount of sensitivity that often goes unnoticed in a Police Officers life.

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