Aamir Khan, along with Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan has been at the forefront of Bollywood three decades.  He has survived the nineties, and that in itself is kind of an achievement. His career took a sharp turn to the perfect one after Lagaan, his brainchild that changed the way Bollywood audiences looked at period films. Aamir has never shone a light on himself as a dancer, but he can shake a leg when needed.

Here’s a list of the top 5 Aamir Khan Songs

  • Harr Fann Maula

Aamir Khan’s latest offering to his fans is Harr Fann Maula, that has him shake a leg with Elli Avram. The song is a single that’s now playing all over and on YouTube. Aamir moves well to the song, that has a old disco concept to it.  The choreography is a harkback to the song structures of the seventies, where a beautiful woman tries to seduce a loner who ends up in the bar that she’s dancing at.

  • Mitwa

Mitwa is from Lagaan, and in this song, Aamir Khan shakes a leg with Gracy Singh, someone who is a trained dancer. So, it would be quite the big deal for Aamir to match steps with her. And Aamir being Aamir, he did.  Mitwa is the a unique song, that was about the main protagonist trying to bring people to a group to throw away the yoke of the British.

  • Malang

Malang was the main song in the Bollywood movie Dabanng, and it put Aamir Khan with Katrina Kaif. The song was a legit viral video for a while. Fans went berserk about Aamir and Katrina shaking a leg for the first time. With YRF being the producer, audiences were in for a visual spectacle.

More Top Aamir Khan Songs

  • All Izz Well

This one is from the movie that made Aamir a legit success with the urban crowd, 3 Idiots. We hadn’t seen a movie like this before, and we now know that we will never see a movie like this again. This song, that has Sharman Joshi, Aamir Khan and Madhavan is something that everyone finds a dance step to carry out to.

  • Guzaarish

When Aamir Khan played his character in Ghajini, it was something that changed his characteristic once again for fans. From a chocolate hero and lover boy to an avenging angel, Aamir changed his persona all over again. And in this song, Guzaarish, Aamir showed off his lighter, romantic side, making the song a hit with the audience. It still finds play on some of the music video channels.

These are the top five Aamir Khan songs that we could check out. Do you think we forgot some, or didn’t add all of them? Tell us in the comments list. Don’t forget to login to www.bechuzi.com to get more awesome content like this.