Kriti Sanon made her debut with one of the best dancers in Bollywood, Tiger Shroff. Of course, that movie has some of her best dance movies, and she has gone on to rack up some more. Here’s a quick list of the top five Kriti Sanon dance performances in Bollywood.

Top Five Kriti Sanon Dance Performances

  • Whistle Baja (Heropanti)

One of the first songs for Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon, as this was the debut Bollywood movie for both of them. The song is quasi fantasy and gave both of them the perfect platform to show off their dancing quirks and hone their talent.

  • Mein Tera Boyfriend (Raabta)

Watch this song to understand what a phenomenal talent the late Sushant Singh Rajput was. And the fact that Kriti Sanon could match step to step with him is something laudable. Mein Tera Boyfriend is one of the many quasi-fantasy songs, which means the getup doesn’t match the one in the movie. This gives the performers a chance to explore their looks and add a glamour look. Mein Tera Boyfriend has both Kriti and Sushant putting out some incredible dance moves.

  • Raat Bhar (Heropanti)

This is another foot-tapping number from Heropanti, and both Tiger and Kriti are at their dancing best in this one. Set in a disco, the song has a uber-glam look, something that matches Tiger and Kriti.

More Epic Kriti Sanon Performances

  • Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe

The song gets its title from a meme that’s from a sultry dialogue of an eighties movie. It still does pretty well because of Kriti’s amazing dance talents and Badshah’s lyrics that take it several notches higher. The cinematography is unique – as we have skeletons dancing with Kriti, and we have Badshah and Rajkumamr Rao giving her company in this song.

  • Poster Lagva Do (Lukka Chuppi)

Why should Kriti stay away from the remix fever? She gave up on that vaccine with Poster Lagva Do for Lukka Chuppi, where she danced to the tunes with Karthik Aryan. Poster Lagva Do is one of the several absurdly beautiful songs from the nineties, which itself had aggro dance choreography. With the modern dance steps, this one becomes more of a dance-ready song.  The original song was picturized on Akshay Kumar for the movie Aflatoon and was a staple run on the music channels for several years after.

These are the top Kriti Sanon dance performances in Bollywood. She’s got several releases lined up, so we are sure this list is ready for an update any time soon. Did you like this list? Visit us at for more like this. Do you agree with it? Tell us in the comments section.