Mohanlal whom fans lovingly call Lalettan is currently the Biggest Star in the Malayalam film industry. He is a complete actor and a tremendous performer. Mohanlal acted in more than 320 films in his career in the span of 3 decades. He established himself as one of the most versatile actors in Mollywood. He still remains the most popular face of Malayalam cinema. Here, we listed out the top 5 movies of Mohanlal that everyone should watch without missing. Check them out below.

  • Drishyam

5 Best Movies of Mohanlal That Everyone Must Watch

The biggest blockbuster in Malayalam film industry history. This was the money magnet in Malayalam. Mohanlal played the lead role and gave him the leading edge in the fight for the best actor in Malayalam over Mammootty. Drishyam was so popular, and many remakes were born in many other languages as well, but none as popular as the original Mohanlal hit.

  • Thanmathra

Mohanlal gave one of his finest performances of his career with this film. He made most of us cry with his portrayal of a person who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. He won many awards for this critically acclaimed film including the Kerala State Film Awards.

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  • Narasimham

One of the most loved movies of Mohanlal, this movie was an instant hit. The dialogue ‘Nee Po Monne Dinesha’ became so famous that is still used in colloquial language. Mohanlal played the character of a man who was wrongly convicted of murder, serves his term to comes out of prison, and confronts his enemies.

  • Bharatham

Another National award-winning movie, this is a musical drama and a modern-day interpretation of Ramayana. Mohanlal plays a Carnatic singer in this family drama. This critically acclaimed film is about how a man hides his grief for the welfare of his family. A masterpiece, this film is also one of Mohanlal’s best.

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  • Kilukkam

A laugh riot, Kilukkam had Revathy starring opposite Mohan Lal. The duo makes one of the best on-screen pairs in Indian cinema. Revathy played a mentally retarded patient who arrives in Ooty and Mohan Lal as a tourist guide who tries to get rid of her. The film saw huge commercial success and went on to run for 300 days in theaters.

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