Abhijeet Bhattacharya is a voice that all Indians have grown up to. He is one of the most influential voices in Bollywood. He has had several chartbusters right from the nineties till today. While he still belts out some incredible tunes, it was the early 2000s when he was at his peak.

Abhijeet was starkly different from his contemporaries, like Sonu Nigam and Udit Narayan. While both have sung songs for Shah Rukh Khan, it is Abhijeet’s songs that are unique and match Shah Rukh’s personality in the later movies. Of course, in the nineties, nobody could hold a light to the jodi of Sonu Nigam and Shah Rukh Khan.

Here’s a list of the top Abhijeet songs in Bollywood

  • Tauba

Possibly the most successful Abhijeet song. Tauba features Shah Rukh Khan. Back in the day, producers would want only Abhijeet to provide a voice to Shah Rukh Khan. Of course, that created scenario where some of the greatest song of the decade featured Abhijeet’s voice. This song, and some of the others in that era weren’t just songs. They created the characteristics and persona of Shah Rukh Khan as the alpha male of tomorrow.

  • Badi Mushkil Hai

And here’s proof of the previous sentence. Badi Mushkil Hai features Shah Rukh Khan once again. This is a melodious song with a song composition that’s evergreen – so much so that the song still gets playtime on the music channels all over the country.  Even this song plays an integral role in Shah Rukh Khan’s career. This song is from Anjaam, where Shah Rukh once again plays the antagonist.

More Top Abhijeet Songs

  • Khudiya Khair

This song is from a unique, and ultra successful Bollywood movie, Billu. The song features Shah Rukh Khan and Irrfan. The composition of the song is soft and having a lively vibe that takes the song ahead a few notches after a while. Abhijeet’s versality is out here. This song makes for the perfect early morning of Bollywood goodness.

  • Tum Agar Saamne

It takes a special talent to be part of a Bhatt movie when it comes to its music, and Abhijeet has all the talent to hum one of the most influential tune when it comes to horror movies. The song featured then couple Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu and is  very popular even today, on road trips where one misses their love and tries coming up with ways of meeting them – even if it is just a video call.

These are the top Abhijeet Bhattacharya songs that you can to. Do you like this list? Don’t agree with it? Tell us in the comments section. Did you like the listicle? Make sure you visit us at www.bechuzi.com to get some more of this content.