Sunidhi Chauhan is one of the most popular singers in Bollywood today. She started her career in the nineties. making her debut with Shashtra in 1990s. She is one of the few Bollywood singers to work with a foreign production – the dubbed version of Frozen 2.

Here’s a list of the top Sunidhi Chauhan Songs from 2020

  • Title Song (Sye Ra Narshima Reddy)

Sye Ra Narshima Reddy is  period movie, and tells the story of Narshima Reddy.  Experts concede is one of the pioneers of the Indian freedom struggle in the South. The title song needed a strong but feminine voice that showed power, strength but the inherent goodness. Sunidhi Chauhan does an excellent job of raising our patriotic fervour with this song.

  • Ae Watan (Raazi)

Ae Watan is from Raazi, one of the most popular and succesful movies of the year. Again, a patriotic and period movie, this one has Alia Bhatt playing the main character, a young woman who decides to do what few could – marry the enemy. Ae Watan is a strong, lilting melody that stirs our hearts, taking us back to a time gone by that has equal strife and adventure.

  • Halka Halka Suroor (Fanney Khan)

When Aishwarya Rai decides on a movie, you need the best – and who better than Sunidhi Chauhan to belt out a party song that has Aishwarya Rai in one of her most glamorous looks ever? Halka Halka is a peppy, strong song with lyrics that are tongue-in-cheek and havea naughtiness to them that the best of singers can sweep under the carpet.

  • Pyaar Ki Yeh Shaam Hai (Lion King 3D)

The Lion King was the movie that changed the audience’s perception about animation movies. That’s because the movie was strong on emotion and told a timeless story. Such a movie needed a strong, positive voice for one of its most famous songs, Pyar Ki Yeh Shaam Hai. Sunidhi Chauhan aces this opportunity to add her incredible talent to this song.

More Awesome Sunidhi Chauhan Songs

  • Thenge Se (Mulk)

Mulk is a Bollywood movie that captures the essence of a court case. The song Thenge Se is a high powered, aggressive song that symbolises that women are no longer taking things for granted and are going to talk about it – all the while. Sunidhi Chauhan’s strong, fiery voice what just what the doctor ordered for this song.

  • Bonus: 

Mein Badhiya, Tu Bhi Badhiya is an amazingly weird song that sounds just about right in Sunidhi’s voice. Its again a period movie, but is based on an contemporary person, Sanjay Dutt.

These are the top Sunidhi Chauhan songs that have found a place in our playlist. Do you think we missed out on some? Tell us in the comments section. Like articles like these? Visit us at for more like these.