• Indian pop stars are a big thing today, but the real breakthrough for this niche came in the nineties. The nineties was the decade of experimentation for India. With globalization, musicians and artists were raring to go and get exposure like never before. We no longer had only the national entertainment channels to get our information and entertainment for. Private players were in the fray and were ready to promote talent. Back in the day, we even had two channels that played non-stop non-movie music, giving the indigenous artists a platform that they could have only dreamed of, a decade or so ago.

This gave rise to a number of genuinely Indian pop stars who ruled the charts. They were organically famous, and still have a fan following that consumes fresh and iconic content that they created. With so many in the audience not happy with the remixes and stale music coming out, it would be interesting to see some of the pop stars from the nineties come back. Here’s a list of the Indian popstars we want back:

#1 Baba Sehgal

The ‘tiki tai tai tai cha chum chum’ pop star broke out on the pop scene in the early nineties. His most famous work was the song “Thanda Thanda Pani’. Baba Sehgal was also one of the few musicians who made their foray into films – one of the first crossover celebrities in India.  Today, he has made his debut in South movies as well, but we will always remember him as the guy who gave us ‘Thanda Thanda Pani’

Baba Sehgal is still very active and routinely launches his singles on his YouTube channel.

#2 Devang Patel

Devang Patel was a massive hit in  India in the nineties as well. Fans consider him as the first rapster from India, though some say that it was Baba Sehgal who’s started the trend.

Devang Patel is most famous for his works like Patel Scope and Patel Scope II. He was one of the first Indian artists to create successful parodies of famous pop songs back then.  Devang Patel also acted in some movies.

#3 Altaf Raja

In the nineties, there was nobody as famous as Altaf Raja in the Indipop scene. Originally a Qawaal from Nagpur, Altaf Raja became a tremendous hit among the lower strata of music fans with his breakthrough album, ‘Tum To Thehere Pardesi’. This concept was ribbed at, in the music video of his latest song for Hunterrr, ‘Dil Churana Meri Aadat Hai’.

#4 Bally Sagoo

If Baba Sehgal and Altaf Raja meant some thrilling soundtracks, Bally Sagoo was the one who gave us soulful soothers. Bally Sagoo started out as a remixer, and his breakthrough song was the remix of the Punjab song Hai Jamalo.

Bally Sagoo, with his silent, soulful renditions was the go-to label for a whole new generation that was experiencing first love, breakups, and intense emotions – all in a matter of weeks.

Today, Bally Sagoo has a successful business in India as well as the UK.

#5 Apache Indian

Apache Indian was an acquired taste for the Indian audience, but once that happened, there was no going back for them. His most famous albums in India was Make Way for the Indian and No Reservations.

This is the list of Male Indian Pop Stars that we would love to see back on the streaming channels on a regular basis.