Govinda was one of the most influential actors in the era of a young India, the nineties, Critics and fans will say that he was as famous as Rajesh Khanna back in the day. Film historians say that Govinda still has a few films in him and has the potential to bounce back whenever he gets the right script. While looking at the future is a great idea, looks back to the five movies that made Govinda the phenomenal actor that he is, and added him to the lists of the best dancers in Bollywood.

  • Swarg

Before Govinda was the one-man show, he was the second lead in the movies in the eighties. So, he found himself in several family and social dramas where he romanced the likes of Neelam and Juhi Chawla. One of those movies, which was a sleeper hit was Swarg. Govinda played a village bumpkin who takes up a job in a rich household, and Rajesh Khanna plays the family head who falls on bad times.

One of the most famous songs from this movie is ‘Bambai Humko Jam Gai’.

  • Hatya

Hatya was a watershed moment for Govinda. This was his first super-successful movie and was a mix of thriller and suspense, something that has worked quite a few times in Bollywood. Hatya had some of the most popular songs of the nineties, and they were all picturized on Govinda. Some of the songs were:

  • Mein to hoon sabka, mera na koi
  • Mein pyaar ki pujaaran
Watch this song from Hatya:

  • Coolie Number 1

Coolie Number 1 was when Govinda made a successful makeover from an also starring to a one-man show. He had Karishma Kapoor meet him halfway during his dance steps. While the movie had duets, the most popular song was the title one, and this one:

Watch Husn Hai Suhana

  • Dulhe Raja

Dulhe Raja is one of the many rampant Govinda movies that released between 1990 to 2000. This was the time when the audience fully enjoyed his slapstick comedy and a storyline that usually pitted the poor against the rich in a fun manner. These movies were basically the common man looking at the life of the rich and the famous. One popular song from these movies is ‘Akhiyon Se Goli Maare’

  • Hum

Govinda is one of the few actors who has shared screen space with both Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikant, and possibly the only male lead who achieved this feat in a single movie – Hum. Govinda played the youngest brother in this action drama that brought Amitabh Bachchan back to the fore once again.

Watch this song from Hum